On Site Steel Fabrication

Our field technician are trained to handle just about anything, including on site steel fabrication.  They cannot always predict what the repair may entail, but as you can see they run the gamut from basic bearing replacements to on site fabrication of steel.

You might be seeing a trend here, but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be certified and well equipped in order to help customers with their preventative and emergency repairs!  All our field technicians are AWS certified and have been given the latest updates from an OSHA/MSHA compliance standpoint.

We know that welding can sometimes be required in the field therefore every work truck is equipped with over 50+ tools including a 325 EFI Miller gas powered welder and generator, hydraulic pumps, impact drills, grinders, and safety equipment.  If there is something that requires a bit more custom fabrication and metal work, we will bring in our sister company, Valley Fabrication, to help! We specialize in:

Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection

Stairways & Catwalks

Tank Repair and Patching

Tank Fabrication

Photo to the left is linked to our job showcase!  More photos and descriptions included.  Call us at 815-223-4058 for help quoting an upcoming job or emergency repair.