Precision Alignment

Precision alignment can be a tricky thing but essential to your day-to-day operations.  If your equipment is not properly aligned this can have major implications and lead to high costs and excessive downtime.  A couple of common outcomes to misalignment are seal failure, bearing failures, energy loss, excessive vibration and excessive heat.  All of these adverse effects will impact your bottom line.

At On Site Repair Services, we not only help to install your equipment, but we will also ensure alignment or realignment if equipment is already installed.  Our goal is to give our customers’ equipment a longer operating life, reliability, and higher efficiency with each alignment.  Our services include:


Dial Indicator & Laser Alignment


Laser Leveling

Roll Tramming

Laser Belt Alignment

Installation of 200' conveyor in specialty tunnels

It’s always in the details especially when installing large equipment.  We are here to get you up and running!

Check out some of our work!  Click on the photo to the left and you’ll be redirected to our showcase which includes images and descriptions.  Let us know if you have questions!