Industrial Process Piping and Plumbing

As you know, process piping is critical to most manufacturing processes and is applied to a number of industries from food factories to chemical plants in order to transport process fluids.  It is imperative that the piping and plumbing is done correctly in order to maintain its integrity of the workers and the end product.

On Site Repair Services is trained and well equipped to handle your new installation of process piping in your facility as well as maintenance on current piping.  Our teams are OSHA, MSHA and AWS (American Welding Society) certified in order to ensure the highest standards of safety – because we know an industrial accident will cost you millions when factoring downtime, legal fees, fines and time lost.  We typically focus on new installation and cat hot tap up to 2”.

After On Site Repair helped make the switch from carbon steel to stainless steel

Click on the photo to the left for a awesome before and after shot.  Have questions?  Feel free to call us.  We service the LaSalle, Peru, Ottawa, and Spring Valley areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.